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Crazy for Palace
Remaja (Perlu bimbingan orang tua)belilah film sesuai dengan usia kamu

Rp. 18.000,-
Episode 1 - 9 dari 9 episode
Tamat = ya
  • - director: 刘宁
  • - released: 2013
  • - casts: 张哲翰,孙耀琦,麦迪娜,袁姗姗,杨蓉,陶帅
  • - language: English
  • - genre: Drama/Romance

Jumlah disc = 2 disc
Subtitle Inggris = ya
DVD Version = SD Version (dvd avi divx)

Liu Li travel from Qing Dynasty to the modern story. Can be said that the continuation of the story of the movie and supplements. The audience can see the story after Chen Xiang and 13th prince , and Liu Li travel from Qing Dynasty to modern but the drama also recalls the way through, the movie does not explain some of the characters to be a supplement, such as Min Princess’s story, another example Liu Li and affection between Nine prince etc to help viewers of the film have a more comprehensive understanding.

DVD Serial Mandarin lain yang mungkin kamu suka
  • PC HD
    Rp. 72.000,-
  • DVD Player
    Rp. 90.000,-
  • DVD Player
    Rp. 135.000,-
  • PC HD
    Rp. 54.000,-
  • PC SD
    Rp. 72.000,-

DVD spesial untuk kamu
  • DVD Player
    Rp. 60.000,-
  • Bluray Player
    Rp. 100.000,-
  • DVD Player
    Rp. 30.000,-
  • PC SD
    Rp. 9.000,-
  • PC SD
    Rp. 27.000,-